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Hi There!  My name is Meghan!

I have worn many hats!  I've been a residential painter for the last 12 years, make, sell and teach ceramics, and I even drove a school bus when my kids were little!  But I have always been interested in anything health related.  I've probably tried every gimmic, fab diet and seen any health practitioner that's been available in my region longing for better health.  There was always missing pieces to the puzzle.  That missing piece was my emotional state.  What I've learned through Bodytalk is that we all have formed a different puzzle through our unique life experiences.  We've built and developed coping skills that flavour every relationship, job and most moments of our lives. And if emotions are left unaddressed they can start to radiate down to the physical body in different ways.  

  I used to suffer with chronic back pain, muscular cramping, joint pain, and more, but I also wasn't considering how my emotional self was affecting those areas.  

Bodytalk offered a new perspective that allowed me to see everything as an opportunity for self growth and uses techniques that allow me to let go - both physically and emotionally.  I've been able to address and resolve many of my own physical issues but also emotional pain.  The tools I've learned have moved me from a place of self doubt, chronic pain and relentless anger into self discovery and self acceptance.  I feel happier, lighter and am pain free.

Bodytalk has completely changed me and I can see how addressing my own issues has radiated into my family, my relationships, my environment and beyond.

If you are ready for a new perspective full of self discovery, Bodytalk is for you!

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