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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I book a session for someone else?

You can only book a session for those who are under your care that you are able to consent for.  If you are the parent or guardian then yes!  If you want to book for a friend or partner, then no.

How does a distance session work? Do I need to be laying down or resting?

Distance sessions are the same as in person sessions except you can continue about your day as usual.  I tap into your innate for the session and send you a recorded message about what came up during when it is complete.  Distance sessions are ideal for those out of town or are too busy to come in person but would still like the benefits of a regular session.

Can I bring my kids if I can't find a babysitter?

Absolutely!  Bring something to help keep them occupied like a colouring book or favourite toys!

My plans changed last minute and can I reschedule?

There is a 24 Hour notice of cancellation or reschedule policy.  Life happens. if there's extenuating circumstances please contact me.

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